Chemical Products Notification to the EU Poison Centres

Under the Regulation 1272/2008, companies placing hazardous mixtures on the market have an obligation to provide information about these mixtures to the relevant national appointed bodies, so that they can provide rapid medical advice in the event of an emergency arising from exposure to hazardous chemicals or to other toxic agents.

The European Chemicals Agency created a Notification System for Centers for toxicological information to facilitate the implementation of the new requirements by companies, appointed bodies and poison centres according to Article 45 and Annex VIII to the Regulation 1272/2008.

Urdí-Solé & Associats, S.L. could help importers and downstream users placing hazardous mixtures on the market to submit the information required to the competent authorities of the relevant Members States and to generate the unique formula identifiers (UFI) required for this notification and by the legislation. The UFI is an alphanumeric code consisting of 16 letters and digits divided by hyphens into 4 sections to be printed on the label of products classified for health or physical hazards. The marking has to be clearly visible and legible on the label, and the acronym “UFI” must always be prefixed in capitals. This code creates an unambiguous link between a product placed on the market and the information on that specific mixture submitted to poison centres so that the chemical formulation of the product can be precisely and rapidly identified. 

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